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Assistance Of Passport
For Delhi Residants Only.

Passport Act | Fees Structure | Instructions | Affidavits | How & Where to Apply


Affidavit of Date of Birth to be submitted by Illiterate Applicants (Annexure "A")

Identity Certificate (Annexure "B")

Affidavit for a Passport of a Minor Child by either parent (who are separated but not formally divorced) (Annexure "C")

Affidavit for Lady applicant for change of name after Marriage (Annexure "D")

Change in Name/Deed Poll/Sworn Affidavit (Annexure "E")

Verification Certificate for Tatkaal Passports (Annexure "F")

Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports (one parent not given consent)(Annexure "G")

Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports (Annexure "H")

Standard Affidavit (Annexure "I")

Specimen Verification Certificate(Annexure "J")

Authority letter

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  Passport Visa