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To the south-western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is renowned as a beautiful island country comprising two main landmasses- the North Island and the South Island. As well as, it has countless smaller islands. Due to its secluded area, it was listed as one of the last lands to be inhabited by humans, however, its long remoteness widened a unique fauna dictated by birds, many of which became destroyed after the advent of humans and initiated mammals. Due to a mild maritime climate, the land was typically enclosed in forest. The country's varied scenery and its jagged mount peaks owe much to the give a lift of volcanic explosions rooted by the Pacific and Indo-Australian Plates clashing underfoot.

Things to do in New Zealand
Go hiking- Due to its magnificent and varied beauty, New Zealand offers a unique experience of adventure. Its highly peaked mountains and valleys let you to perform by walking half an hour, half a day or for days at a time.
Go scuba diving- Experience the beauty of beauty and wildlife underwater that is so unique to do. The Poor Knights is one of the spectacular dives. Dive with dolphins. Or just dive for dinner.
Go bungy jumping- See the world with a single try of bungy jumping and look down on this splendid unbelievable earth.

Tourist destinations
The Bay of Plenty, today, has become a place of plenty. A variety of orchards and gardens are produced. Local wines and plentiful sea food are the specialty of this place.
Arthur’s Pass is a highest and most spectacular pass measuring more than 900 metres. Turning from Canterbury to the West Coast, this is the road to take. It is an ancient pass involving viaducts, bridges, rock shelters and cascades redirected into chutes.

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