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People of Maldives


The people of the Maldives are having their own unique character. They are a small, tribe society amalgamated by common history, the Dhivehi language and the Islamic faith. Islam has devoted force to the society and the belief of Islam has taken very seriously. The association and obligation felt by individuals to their community, to their President, to a whole country ponders the tradition of strong family ties. Sound, as well as god-fearing, the people of Maldives are liberal and venerating of each other and of visitors to the country.

Industrious with patience, devilish and reverential, Maldivians have been able to intermingle tradition and modernity. All Maldivians have open access to education. All have the chance to play substantial roles in the economic life of the nation. Great esteem is sympathized with the head of the national 'family' as well as for the head of each household. The family unit is strong.

Gymnastic, the Maldivians are either footballers or soccer fans, natural bathers and divers, belligerent players in tennis, cricket, or badminton, the young people are promoted to grow physically as well as intellectually and morally. Temperament and honestness are taken for granted where old customs and Muslim traditions are honoured.

Women dressed in conventional dress sweep the grounds of a school readying it for a special Independence Day jubilation. Five times a day discovers a nation conveying religious devotedness in prayer at one of the many mosques. Festivals give way to fun-loving, talented men and women singing and dancing.

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