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Independence Day
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The Maldives attained independence on July 26, 1965. Three years afterwards a Republic of Maldives was announced with Prime Minister Ibrahim Nasir as the first president of Maldives. In 1978 President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has been elected president and has been re-elected thrice since then. A coup attempt in 1988 by Sri Lankan mercenaries was successfully fought off. Though small, Maldives has always maintained independence and a firm unity despite influences and threats from external world. Maldives is now an internationally famed country, a member of the UN, WHO, SAARC, Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Movement and others and play a significant role in recommending the security of small nations and the protection of the environment.

Every year the Independence Day is celebrated on 26th July as listed in the calendar of Maldives National Festival. The highlight of this Maldives Holidays is the official celebrations took place in the evening at the Republic Square. The event of Independence Day celebration begins with a parade past by the National Security Service and the National Cadet Corps. This is succeeded by the presentation of various skills gathered in the form of drills, traditional dances and modern drills performed by hundreds of school children in colourful attire. These events of national importance of Maldives are intermediated by the passing of floats and processions showing traditional and modern themes of Maldives.