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Dhivehi Phrases


Hello (formal)                                                   Assalaamu Alaikum 
Hello (informal)                                                           Kihineh?
How are you?                                                            Haalu kihineh?
Yes                                                                            Aan
No                                                                               Noon
Where?                                                                       Kobaa?
Why?                                                                          Keevve?
Who?                                                                          Kaaku?
There                                                                          Ethaa
Here                                                                            Mithaa
What?                                                                         Koacheh?
This                                                                            Mi
That                                                                            E
What is (your) name?                                                Kon nameh kiyanee?
My name is                                                                 Aharenge namakee 
Good                                                                          Ran'galhu
Goodbye (informal)                                                    Dhanee
Where are you from?                                                 Kon rasheh? 
Thank you                                                                  Shukuriyaa 
I am sorry                                                                   Ma-aafu kurey
How old are you?                                                      Umurun kihaa vareh? 
My age is                                                                   Aharenge umurakee 
Where are (you) going?                                            Kon thanakah dhanee?
What place are we going?                                        Kon thanakah dhanee? 
What time are (we) going?                                        Kon irakun dhanee? 
What is the price?                                                     Agu kihaavareh? 
How long will it take?                                                 Kihaa ireh nagaanee? 
What time is it?                                                           Gadin kihaa ireh? 

What island is that?                                                   E-ee kon rasheh?
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