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Cuisine of Maldives


Maldives being at a significant crossway in the Indian Ocean, traders and visitors over time have left their mark on Maldivian cuisine in addition to contributing towards the moulding of the country’s culture and norms. As the Maldives constitutes more sea than land, it is only natural that fish (mainly tuna) have always been the most outstanding element of Maldivian food. However, with travelers or holidaymakers from different sections of the world, new flavourings and vegetables were brought in to Maldives and added to the existing (limited) repertory of seafood and tubers (for instance. taro & sweet potato). Each new find was integrated into the diet in amounts most toothsome to Maldivians. Thus, Maldivian cuisine now constitutes Arabic, Indian, Sri Lanka and Oriental tastes combined into a unique cuisine that personifies a culinary identity of its own.

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