Asia Travel Guide your travel planner in Asia and the whole world. offers outbound travel services around the world. Travel the world with Unleashed the world. Feel the excitement of traveling to a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Whether you are looking for romantic escapade or family vacation or adventure tour, offers world-class travel services to you and takes care of all your niggling travel worries. Entrust us with your tour planning, hotel bookings, and cruises for your world travel plans. Out of the seven continents of the world, Asia is one amongst them extensively known for its huge population. Until now, Asia was way behind in contrast to other continents of the globe but the scene is different these days as steps have been taken and there has also been a drastic improvement since then. In spite of all these, Asia as a whole has made a mark on tourists for its one of a kind beauty, found nowhere else in the world. Visiting this gorgeous continent will literally take you to another world. Some must see places in and around this continent are:


Exciting Bali, Indonesia: Bali is an Indonesian province as well as an island, hot favorite among the tourists all over, located in the south eastern part of Singapore. The inhabitants of Bali follow both Balinese and Hindu cultures, hand in hand. Balinese dance and local rituals are the main tourists’ attractions apart from the local arts and handicrafts and stone sculptures.

Gigantic China: This vast land of China has abundant tourists’ destinations which will leave everyone in awe! The Great Wall of China in Beijing, constructed between 1368-1644, during the rule of the Ming Dynasty, is a remarkable example of the ancient work of history ever created. Such other locations are the Forbidden City in Beijing, The Bund in Shanghai, West Lake in Hang Zhou and the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an. One who visits China will surely think that they had ample places to see however time was limited! Such is the abundance of China.

Amusing Turkey: Turkey is a country well known for its archaeological excavations like the Pamukkale's Hierapolis and world famous museums like the Anatolian Museum and the Blue Mosque.


Malaysia: Malaysia is in the south east ern part of Asia and has an impression upon the tourists as one of the easily accessible and flexible countries of the planet. The culture and traditions of Malaysia is a result of the combination of the Malay, Indian, Chinese and other native groups. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and destinations like Putrajaya, Malacca, Perhentian Islands and Kinabalu National Park are some examples to experience to beauty of Malaysia.