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Cauvery fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari

Cauvery fishing Camp, a Jungle Lodges Enterprise, located on Banks of River Cauvery known for the great Mahseer Fish, the largest tropical sporting river fish known to man.
Cauvery fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari Cauvery fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari

If you're looking for luxury, settle on Bheemeshwari. There are 8 luxurious ethnic log-huts on stilts, four of which are air-conditioned, blending beautifully with the surrounding trees. There are also 9 well-furnished tent cottages for those who prefer a more rustic existence.

Galibore is the haven for seekers of isolation. There are 10 beautiful tent cottages, all with attached baths, very clean, illuminated at night with hurricane lamps. There is no electricity here. We have created a beautiful, but rustic atmosphere here, which blends with the environs.

Doddamakali is another place for isolation and rugged living. There are six tents here. Doddamakali is the best place if you are prepared to rough it out.


Cauvery beckons as soon as you check in. A quick walk to the riverbank is simply irresistible. Dip your feet in the pristine waters and you can actually feel the travails of city life fading away. With the assistance of our courteous and knowledgeable staff, you can trek through thick forest and scale a series of hilltops.

If you are not too eager on a long trek, do some short nature walks instead. The most important activity at the Cauvery Fishing camp is the "Catch & Release" method of Masheer Fishing or Angling. Even if you are not an expert, you could try your hand at fishing guided by our expert staff.

Float down the meandering river on a coracle, indulge in some fishing for fun, observe 95 species of birds, including rare ones like the grey headed fishing eagle, spotbilled duck, small pied kingfisher and the black-bellied river tern.
You can also spot crocodiles, turtles and otters in the water and on land watch as elephant, deer, wild boar and grizzly giant squirrel wander past.

There's also mountain biking, kayaking and rafting on the river Cauvery for those who like adventure. If lazing around is your idea of a holiday, then you could relax in a hammock and read your favourite book, or have a snooze.

When at the Cauvery Fishing Camp, you could pay a visit to the ruins of an ancient Shiva temple adjoining the Bheemeshwari camp. You could also interact with the Soliga aboriginal tribals living close by and learn their primitive survival skills, passed down over the millennia. If you have time to spare, you could visit the Mekedaatu water falls, visit Sangam and also the Simsha water falls.
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Cauvery fishing Camp

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