As a leader of tour packages, TravelChaCha’s cruise packages provide cheap cruises, discount cruises, luxury cruises, carnival cruise, vacations and celebrity cruise packages, cruise and vacation packages, Royal Caribbean International, Cruise & Vacation Packages and much more. While making your Cruise Holidays with Star Cruises the major destinations of Asia Pacific countries you will see Singapore, Phuket Island in Thailand, Malacca in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) in Malaysia


Star Cruises
The leading Cruise Line in Asia Pacific. Star Cruises has offices in Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia etc. Star cruises were introduced in 1993. Star Cruises cover the following asia pacific countries...

This prosperous ultra modern city state still holds many surprises. Explore cultural enclaves like Chinatown. Little India and Arab Street. Visit such attractions as the jurong Bird Park and Sentosa Island or simply head to orchead road for world class shopping. Finally, treat yourself to tea and nostalgia at the raffles hotels.

Phuket Island, Thailand
Sun-worshipper from all over the world coverage on this island to enjoy its beautiful beaches and tropical beauty. Other come to experience phuket`s island hospitality and exotic culture. Here, you'll find ancient temples; exciting elephant rides, shopping galore, exotic Thai cuisine and even exhilarating cabaret shows.

Malacca, Malaysia
Centuries of foreign influence have shape the unique communities and cultural heritage of this historical city. In the heart of the city, craftsmen and antique dealers ply their trade in turn of the country shop houses. Visit Mountains, ruins and other historic buildings. Savour a mélange of Chinese and Malay flavors that makes Malacca's peranakan cuisine unique.

Kuala Lumpur (port klang) Malaysia
From the star cruises terminal in port klang, head out to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. You'll discover a bustling metropolis that uniquely blends the traditional and modern. Kuala Lumpur is also home to one of the tallest buildings in the world-the petronas twin towers. You will also find that Kuala Lumpur exceptional shopping and dining opportunities.

Period : 2 April to 31 October 2014

Penang - Langkawi cruise (Sunday Dep)
DAY PORT ETA ETD Sailing Dates :  
Sun Singapore - 1400 Jul 6, 2014
Mon Penang 1500 2300    
Tue Phuket 1400(1300) 2359(2300)    
Wed High Seas - -    
Thurs Singapore 1500      
Visa Requirements - Multiple Entry Singapore and Single Entry Thailand
Note : Timings in bracket are local time of the port of call
The above information is accurate at the time of printing and is subject to Star Cruises Terms & Conditions.
Details are subject to changes without prior notice.
SuperStar Gemini (SXG) ex-Singapore Cruise REGULAR Rates from 02 Apr to 31 Oct 2014 in INR- INDIA MARKET
Cabin Cat Cabin Descriptions
AA Executive Suite (Deck 11)
AB Junior Suite (Deck 8, 9 & 10)
BA Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (Deck 8)
CA Superior Oceanview Stateroom (Deck 9 & 10)
CB Oceanview Stateroom with Window (Deck 6)
CC Oceanview Stateroom Open to Jogging Track (Deck 7)
CD Oceanview Stateroom with Window (Deck 5)
CE Oceanview Stateroom with Porthole (Deck 6)
CF Oceanview Stateroom with Porthole (Deck 5)
CH Oceanview Stateroom with Window Obstructed View (Deck 8,9,& 10)
DA Superior Inside Stateroom (Deck 9 & 10)
DB Inside Stateroom (Deck 8)
DC Inside Stateroom (Deck 6 & 7)
DD Inside Stateroom (Deck 5)
3rd / 4th person (AA-BA)
3rd / 4th person (CA-CH)
3rd / 4th person (DA-DD)
Single Fare
Infant Fare (below 2 years/24 months old)
Dining Credit per cabin (applicable to BC & above)
4N (Special)
Intl. Pub. Fare Normal Fare 45Days StarSaver fare 60Days StarSaver fare
156,000 130,000 117,000 N/A
125,600 104,700 94,200 N/A
83,200 69,300 61,000 56,800
65,400 54,500 48,000 44,700
56,300 46,900 41,300 38,500
54,700 45,600 40,100 37,400
53,200 44,300 39,000 36,300
51,000 42,500 37,400 34,900
50,500 42,100 37,000 N/A
49,900 41,600 36,600 N/A
46,400 38,700 34,100 31,700
44,600 37,200 32,700 30,500
42,800 35,700 31,400 N/A
41,200 34,300 30,200 N/A
41,800 34,800 30,600 28,500
39,700 33,100 29,100 27,100
35,500 29,600 26,000 24,300
150% of the Twin Share Fare
25% of the Twin Share Fare (applicable after 2 full paying paxs)
SGD 400 SGD 400 SGD 300 SGD 300 SGD 100 SGD 100 SGD 50
Other Charges 4N Spci Itineraries and Sailing Dates (4N (Special) )
Passenger Handling Charges 3,300 4N (Sun) SIN-PEN-HKT-H/S-SIN
Fuel Surcharge (subject to change) 1,200 Jul 6, 2014
Holiday Surcharge (only applicable on Peak Sailing) 4,000 1N (Thu) SIN-SIN
    Jul 10, 2014
Peak Sailings where holiday surcharge is applicable:
Summer Holidays Apr 20 to Jun 18, 2014
1) The STAR SAVER offer is capacity controlled and subject to availability.
2) 60-Day Star Saver Rate is NOT applicable to AA, AB, CF, CH, DC and DD cabin categories.
3) 60-Day Star Saver Rate is NOT applicable to 3rd/4th pax rates for AA, AB, CF, CH, DC and DD cabin categories.
Above rates are based on Twin Sharing per person in Indian Rupees (INR).
**The aforesaid is subject to change without prior notice**
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