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Vidisha Travel Guide

A booming culture holidays city at the intersection of beautiful Beas and Betwa rivers, Vidisha in Rajasthan would be a bewitching holiday place for observing the weekends. This former capital of the Sungas embraces some notable remains of the bygone years that would cast significant information about the architectural marvels of that period. A historic and culture holidays city, which found its description and details in the Pali scriptures as Besnagar, was regarded as the hub of a variety of traditions from the Mauryan to the period of Mughal emperors.

A busy business center of the 6th century, this culture holidays city had been the strong hold of the famous rulers like Satavahanas, Guptas and Nagas. But its excrescence as a flourishing trade center had been lost at the end of the 6th century and after that, the medieval rulers retrieved it to its original status. A tour through the in and outs of Vidisha is just like dating back to the ancient and medieval times. The enticing leftovers in Vidisha, would speak about the great kingdoms, their triumphant encounters, magnificent defeats and unreliable traits. A holiday to Vidisha will bring the holidaymakers to a large number of astonishing antiquities that whirls the spotlights on the architectural growth of the period.

One can begin the trip from the Heliodorous Pillar, popularly named as Kham-Baba; it recounts the visit of Heliodorous, the personal envoy of Antialcidas to the court of Sungas. Other captivating point would be the Udaigiri Caves. This culture holidays destination of Vidisha is famous for its rock-cut cave temples and Buddhist remains. Another significant place to be explored is the ruins of a Brahmanical shrine, which goes back prior to 2nd century BC.

One should not spare the chance to have the glance of the ancient artifacts of the past days, which are presented in the State Museum. All the items displayed in this Museum present clear cut information about the ancient and medieval Indian society. Those who add a divine service view to their holidaying can opt to visit the sanctified shrines like Gyaraspur Mahadevi Temple, Neelakantheshwara Temple and Udayeshwar Temple.

Vidisha introduces an unparalleled and timeless charm to the onlooker with its brilliant souvenirs of its magnificent past. One would get a clear image of its luxurious past from the tokens of the grand repositories and glorious temples, which are the changeless remainders of the magnificent rules of different dynasties.

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