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Nandgaon, identified as the village of Krishna’s foster father, lies 8.5 km north of Barsana on the metalled road to Mathura (56 km). According to local belief, it was the home of Shri Krishna’s foster father, Nand. On the top of the hill is the spacious temple of Nand Rai, which is worth seeing.

Location: 8.5 Km North Of Barsana (Uttar Pradesh)
Founded By: Nand Rai Temple
Attractions: Hindi, Brij Bhasha

Barsana: 8.5-km
Mathura: 56-km

Nand Rai Temple:

This 18th century temple of Nand, the foster father of Krishna, dominates the smaller hill and the town of Nand Gaon. Roop Singh, a Jat ruler, built this temple. The other temples here are dedicated to Narsingha, Gopinath, Nritya Gopal, Girdhari, Nand Nandan, and Yasodha Nandan, which are located half way up the hill.

Pan Sarovar:
A little beyond the temple of Nand is the Pan Sarovar, a large lake with masonry ghats along its sides. According to a common belief this was the place where Shri Krishna used to take his cows for water. Near by is the kadamb grove called Udhoji-Ka-Kyar.

Lathmaar Holi:
During the festival of Holi, an unusual ritual takes place each year. First the menfolk of Nandgaon invade Barsana to taunt women with lewd songs and are consequently beaten up by the women with long wooden staffs. On the next day, the procedure is reversed and the men of Barsana pay courting calls to the women of Nandgaon.

Air: Nearest airport from Mathura is Kheria (Agra), 62 kms.
Rail: Mathura is on the main lines of the central and western railways and is connected with all the major cities and is 56-km from Nandgaon.
Road: Mathura is well connected by motorable roads to important tourist centres and has regular buses plying between Mathura and Nandgaon.
Local Transport: Taxis, Tongas and Cycle rickshaws.

Nandgaon is like a small township, mainly famous for its religious importance and tourists can find some nice and resonable Dharamshalas for accommodation purpose in here.

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