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Udvada Travel Guide

Quiet sequestered coastal spot Udvada, famous holy place of Parsis in India, is accredited with the most celebrated Iranshah Atash Behram, the sanctified fire temple of Parsis. Udvada, located in between Daman and Valsad in Gujarat state, is a seaboard village and a long-familiar inheritance site and pilgrim center. It is conceived that the fire has been glowing in the Iranshah Atash Behram for more than 1,250 years.

Udvada, preponderantly inhabited by Parsis, is the Mecca of Parsis. The series of events, which altered this ordinary village of browsing places for camels or Udvada into a most sacred place of Prasis commenced in the 7th century when Arab encroachers inhibited the destinations.

Udvada, the most sanctified spot of Parsis, is far-famed for the clapper lacrimation tasty Parsi cuisine. Udvada is distinct from other Gujarat cities since it has a significant number of old Parsi buildings and many are still unmutilated. One of the peculiarities of this cool hamlet is that all lanes begin or ends from the main road. Locals recall landmarks rather the names of the roads to identify the houses of its occupants.

Calm Sea Breeze, Greenish €environment and solitude, Udvada appeals many holidaymakers. This is a perfect culture holidays gateway for relaxation and to blend with nature’s gifts and enjoy the village life from the clamour of the filtered city life. Compiled with narrow lanes, cool wind from the sea, flaxen golden relaxing destinations in seacoast and the silence builds Udvada an unequal culture holiday spot.

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