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A renowned tourist place, famous for the ruins of the monumental fort of 14th century, Udayagiri in the district of Jajpur in Orissa has acquired further grandness after the recent diggings acquitted by archaeologists. The excavations exposed a rambling composite of brick monastery with a number of Buddhist sculptures that were placed at the base of a hefty hill. This monastery, which dated back between 7th and 12th centuries AD, is indeed a suitable place for culture holidays. A preferred place of holidaymakers, historians, researchers and art lovers, these archaeological remains poses a rich heritage tour of India.

Ongoing excavations in Udayagiri revealed more and more Buddhist complexes and a multitude of sculptures found out from there are Boddhisattva and Dhyani Buddha. Though this is one among the three Diamond Triangles, the absence of Vajrayana sculptures is a misery to archaeologists. A still to be excavated site, Udayagiri extends the holidaymakers a great penetration to the history of Buddhism.

The newly excavated monastery complex is located on the backdrop of a brilliant hill and adventure buffs can have a good trek to the top of the hill. The billowing and winding, all-weather approach road on the other side of Udayagiri is another contributed attraction. The sculptures excavated from this great historic site exposed that these Buddhist establishments had a close association to Gandharva and Mathura school of architecture.

Udayagiri proffers a bright picture of a vivacious Buddhist Complex, the gallant ruins of the vast brick monastery, the remnants of the Chaitya hall, a number of consecrated stupas and a renovated stone stupa at the summit of a small furrowed sandstone hill, which commands the rural greenery around. The remains of these Buddhist monuments in Udayagiri will unquestionably magnetize the holidaymakers. A betraying tourist engages in the historic city will be amazed to see an array of noteworthy places, with much sculptured value, have withstood the beatings of time.

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