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Thallassery Travel Guide

Thallassery is considered as one of the most previous British colonies of India. This historic town is placed at 21 km from Kannur in north Kerala. Thalassery is blest with ample natural beauty with small and beautiful hills, four rivers, number of breath taking drops and an attractive long coastline.

British came in Thalassery in the year of 1682 with an aim of constituting their trading facilities. They transferred spices such as cardamom, pepper, cinnamon to several European countries using Thalassery port. In 1708, British East India Company was founded in Thalassery and Thalassery Fort was rested on attractive rocky cliff. Thalassery port was regarded as important part for trading and military purposes during British Raj.

Mahe River which flows across Thalassery was called as English Channel by the British as it classified the British territory from the French dominated territory. Odathil Palli is the oldest mosques constructed in 1806 by Moosakaka, a British stalwart. There are several places for amusement and entertainment. It is an idealistic place for walking and relaxing. Colonel Arthur Wellesley acquainted cricket at Thalassery in 1800. Thalassery has the perquisite of playing cricket legendary Collin Crowdey in their team during British rule.

The Thalassery cakes are very far-famed since the British period. There are number of circus companies developed from Thalassery. Muzhapilangad Beach is the only drive-in beach located about 9 km from Thalassery. It is an ideal position for swimming as the big rocks defend the shallow waters from the deep sea currents. The palm groves along the coastline renders cool atmosphere during the summer.

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