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Tarkarli Travel Guide

If the Mughal emperor Shahjahan, fascinated by the beauty of Kashmir, named it paradise on earth then one look at the formations all around the Konkan strip in Maharashtra might had aroused a response like heaven on earth from him. Even a casual look at the attractive stretch of soft white sand beaches at Tarkarli is plenty to bewitch anyone. Settled in the Malvan region, the holiday destination to Tarkarli is “the spot” to pass a weekend.

The most tremendous part about Tarkarli is the sum of variety that’s available once you reach here. The option ranges from a long amble along clean white sand (powder in fact) beaches to returning the past glorification of Maratha citadel and forts. Also include to the list the backwater boat drive and temples for the spiritual minded complied by luxurious Konkani meals and what you are viewing is a charming journey into the heart of Konkan and the history of Maratha warriors.

The locals are generally Hindu fishermen. They are felicitous with daily angling and consumption of their catch. The idea of storehouse and business has not yet contaminated the minds of these simple common people. The delight in simple lifestyles and observe with gusto the festivals such as ‘Anganewadi and Bramhan Dev Jatra’. The months of August-September see the inflow of Non-Resident Konkanis recalling to their home for observing the “Ganesh Festival” and the “Birth of Lord Ram”.

A prototypical seedy Indian village, however, arouses when the market is in full blossom. Fish and seafood are the main components auctioned every day. There are also a variety of cashew nuts, beetle nuts, kokum powder and drinks and delicious Amla juice available in the market. Not to forget the variety of pickles available in the market specially made from Seafood.

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