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Somnath Travel Guide

With munificent support from religious belief, mythology and history, Somnath the religious town in Gujarat proudly bears with the eminent shikharas of grand old ancient Somnath temple committed to Lord Shiva. Somnath temple, devoted to one of the 12 idolized Jyothirlingas, leads all the movements in city. It inspires the life of the locals and holidaymakers.

Somnath, literally stands for Lord of Moon, deduced its name from the temple Somnath temple. This spiritual destination of Somnath was originally known as ‘Prabhas Patan’. This town, untouched by the modern luxuries and concrete jungles, still admits its historical, fabulous and religious charm to masses of Hindu lovers.

Somnath has got its citation in Puranas and ancient Hindu Epics of Mahabharata. This destination is regarded as a place where Moon (Soma) idolizing the Lord Shiva and thence Shiva is named as Somnath here. Another Hindu fabulous story references Somnath as the holiday destination where Lord Krishna was charged by an arrow in his foot. It is conceived that the Yadavas, the descendents of Lord Krishna, struggled among themselves and destructed the Yadav community.

Settled at the extreme southwest Arabian Coast in Sourashtra, Somnath town holds a serene beach, few streets and a bus stand. It is believed that Somnath is located at a place where the holy River Saraswathy flows into the Sea.

This sanctified temple town vivacious with ‘Shiv Bhajan’ is explored by millions of holidaymakers every year. Several nearby tourist attractions, including Somnath Museum, Somnath Beach, Junagadh gate, Bhakta Teertha, Akhilabai temple and Mai Puri, draws this town as a perfect culture holiday destination for the pilgrims to India. Kartik Poornima held on the full moon day in November / December is a prime attraction of devotees in this temple town.

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