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Shivpuri Travel Guide

Shivpuri, in north Madhya Pradesh, was once the summer capital of the Scindias of Gwalior. The unpassable forests of this historical town were the hunting areas of the Mughal emperors. Shivpuri though assumes a modern look, the glances of its imperial heritage falls all around the city. Leftovers of ancient forts, glorious palaces, hunting lodges and the royal streets afford a majestic look to the environment. The roaming hills and the beautiful climate of Shivpuri survive as a fast egressing culture holidays destination.

A splendid royal fort with Victorian style architecture, gallant hills, palaces, burnished verdure, Shivpuri is a picnicker’s delectation. Keen royal palaces of Shivpuri with its scintillating whiteness deliver an eye-catching presentation to the viewer.

Shivpuri is circumvented by deep arboraceous forest that is the treasure houses of rich flora and fauna. An adventuresome holiday through the wilderness of the jungle paths is indeed very ambitious. The famous wildlife sanctuaries that maintain the threatened animal and bird variety add particular charm to Shivpuri’s natural beauty. Adventure lovers can choose for short trips through the intriguing paths, amidst of luxuriant vegetation that renders mythological views of a destroyed fort, three Hindu temples, and a monastery.

With its glistening forest, rolling hills, Shivpuri has now discovered the glorification of a scintillating, floaty holiday destination. Shivpuri is a recommended place for those holidaymakers who love to pass their leisure time in the still of nature. Now, Shivpuri is a preferred holiday destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

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