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Shivasamundram Travel Guide

Shivasamundram, also known as Shivanasamudra, literally stands for Shiva's Sea, is an emerging holiday destination, located in a rocky terrain with draws of vegetation near Mysore in Karnataka. It is a small, pretty beautiful, quiet town with lot of tremendous sights concealed under its calmness.

One of Asia's first hydro-electric power stations founded in 1902, which is still functional, is situated here in Gaganachukki waterfall. This is where hydroelectric power was tackled for the second time (after Darjeeling) in Asia and the electricity thus produced was used in the Gold Mines of Kolar, surviving the first city in Asia to get hydro-electricity. A security check post at Shivasamundram disallows the holidaymakers from visiting between 6 pm and 6 am.

Near this tourist destination, the famous Shivanasamudra waterfall is located. Here Kaveri (Cauvery), the renowned river in the region, separates into two; falls into a valley in two distinguish places called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, two main attractions in Shivasamundram and re-unites downstream. A good lot of water falls down from both the waterfalls.

Gaganachukki particularly is a steep fall where water outpourings down with great speed. The two waterfalls are roughly a 15-minute drive apart and make attractive picnic locations. As the cascading down water hits the rocky surface, a thick mist of vapor egresses to partly enclose the falls, furnishing a magnificent sight which is estimated to be unpaired in its beauty. These prominent waterfalls are circumvented by hill forests of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Adventuresome and passionate holidaymakers can guess out here for trekking and fishing.

There is more to the area. The land carved out of the two streams of the Kaveri is also a famous pilgrimage centre and is popularly known as Madhya Ranga. The Ranganatha Temple, built in the Dravidian style, houses the idol of Lord Ranganatha slumbering on Adisesha while a fascinating piece of carving is that of Takshaka, the lord of ophidians, whose picture is found to the right in the navaranga of the temple.

The weather is sunshine most of the year with rainfall being short, sharp spells.

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