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Sarnath Travel Guide

Sarnath, officially Isipathana, is a renowned city near to the significant religious place Varanasi. Buddhism dominates Sarnath where Buddha prophesied his first Sermon and which hence became one of the four most sacred places to the Buddhist world. Sarnath acquired its name from Saranganatha (God of Deer). The original Sangha of Buddhism was born in deer park, a site in Sarnath and it is at this place Gautama Buddha first advocated the Dharma. It is a major Buddhist pilgrimage destination of India. This is a pleasurable place to ruminate, take a recede and turn the well-maintained gardens and Sarnath's ruins. The main draws are Asoka's pillar, the ruins of the Mulagandhakuti and the immense second century old Dharma Stupa, also famous as Dhamekha Stupa, constructed by the Emperor Ashoka.

Buddhism prospered in Sarnath till the 6th century and then the Huns stimulated a trail of destruction and were complied by Mahmud of Ghazni and Qutub-ud-din Aibak who in the process of historical development said to demolish Sarnath to the ground whatever was left by the Huns. The British archaeologists excavated the site, which found out the path to nirvana from Buddha, remained hidden amidst ruins, during 19th century. Culture holidays in Sarnath bears three fold values archeological, historical and religious. It is a deserving place to visit and to see the cultural and religious heritage of India and Buddhism.

It is regarded as the historical and spiritual destination for holidaymakers. The destination is comparatively peaceful and green and so also furnishes a welcome substitute to Varanasi as a place to stay for holidaymakers visiting the Ghats along the Ganges. There are many enforcing temples to visit, which are built in modern times, for example Thai temples, the Burmese, Korean and Chinese temples all constructed recently. Apart from these, there are three Tibetan temples and a Japanese temple. Sarnath is generally calm and clean and has a certain Buddhist ambiance. On the weekends there are big and very noisy crowds, mainly the holidaymakers calling this historical and religious place.

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