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Sariska Travel Guide

The picture that always captivates one after listening the name of Sariska is that of the tiger defeat its whiskers and gazing at the television cameras. These pictures have been shone through several news and entertainment programs that the image is eternal. This culture holiday destination located at a distance of 110 km from Jaipur hosts some of the most captivating attractions of the area. The region is extended with some dense forests and the mounds and valleys of Aravalli mountain range further enhance the beauty of the region of Sariska. Sariska provides an opportunity to view tiger, langur, nilgai and various many bird species. However, apart from the wildlife and forest Sariska is circumvented by legion places of historical interest, interlarded with temples and monuments.

The city is placed in Alwar district and can be regarded a central point for calling various attractions within its locality. Placed close to Sariska are three old settlements Bhangarh Fort, Ajaibgarh and Pratapgarh. The Sariska terrain has taken roots 1 to reach to this semi arid desert of Rajasthan and affirms scrub-thorn arid and dry deciduous woods that are full of stones and grass patches twined with some dense foliage.

The wildlife pose in the area is various and is a perfect example of adaptability and symbiosis between nature and animals, something we need to realize urgently. The ambiance, as in any desert, is dry and changes towards the extremes.

The place is also noted for old temples and palaces around the tourist destination. The temples and chhattris and even the rare waterfall proffer a dainty view. However, the ruins of many of these memorials only serve as a reminder of how magnificent the history of this land has been.

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