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Sanchi Travel Guide

An ancient little hamlet at the strides of a hill Sanchi in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh contains the genesis of Buddhism in India. A tiddly village with a rich culture to celebrate holidays, Sanchi is adorned by a series of monasteries, stupas, holy shrines and towers going back 3rd century BC to 12th century AD. The glorification of Sanchi, as an earnest centre, can still be experienced in its complex establishments where the rich cuttings reflect several fabled notions and Buddhist myths.

Though Sanchi’s history lurks the Buddhist monuments, it is astonishing to conceive that Lord Buddha never visited Sanchi during his lifetime. Nevertheless, in the soothing stillness of Sanchi one could comprehend his presence more efficaciously than any of the other famed Buddhist centers. Once known as Vidishagiri, Sanchi was a busy merchandising center and a hub of confluent merchants. Sanchi owed much to these powerful merchants for their heart-whole patronage, which assists it to flourish as a contributing center of Buddhist tradition.

Sanchi also unrolls a true love story that is nothing short of a fairy tale. It is about a beautiful girl by name Devi, a pious Buddhist. King Ashoka fell in love with this girl and it is conceived that it was this girl who prompted the king to build such tremendous monuments in Sanchi. Sanchi’s fame set in to obliviousness by the end of the 13th century and only in 1818 this famous center of Hinayana Buddhism was rediscovered. Despite the overlook for centuries, the architectural brilliances of Sanchi still decorates the prime place and it extends the most evocative and attention-getting Buddhist site in India. Stupas and entrances of this world heritage site are the brilliant expressions of classiness in architecture. In fact, these wonders of ancient Buddhist ethnicity acclaim a new arena in the field of temple architecture in India.

Apart from the spiritual and historical aspect, Sanchi offers a delicious view of the butting landscapes. If religion is not your passion, you could move onto other options since Sanchi is a fine place to just chill out and rest, or travel around.

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