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Rajaji National Park Travel Guide

Located perfectly along the hungering verdures of the hills and foothills of Shivalik chains in Uttaranchal, Rajaji National Park is far-famed for its ample scenic beauty and is improved with worthy bio diversity. Established in 1983, Rajaji National Park is made by mingling three noted sanctuaries namely Rajaji Sanctuary, Chilla sanctuary and Motichur sanctuary. The Rajaji National Park acquired its name after the famous Indian statesman Sri C. Rajgopalachariya, who was also called by the name of Rajaji. The National Park is a large saved region of area nearly 820 square km covering three districts Pauri Garhwal, Haridwar and Dehradun of Uttaranchal state in India.

This National Park is ample in flora and fauna and fleshes the Shivalik ecological balances of the natural system. The Shivalik track is presumed to be more than10 million years old and the sphere is improved with worthful fossils. The Park is extravagantly rich with the flow of gallant Ganges for about a distance of 24km. The park’s variety and rich flora owe to Ganges and other many pours and brooks.

The Park represents rich vegetation including grassy lands, board leaved mixed forests, Sal forests and scrublands. This area houses a large variety of birds and animals; they include mammals of different kind of species, snakes, rare lizards, frogs and other types of amphibians, kinds of butterflies.

Rajaji National Park is a complete culture holiday destination for nature loving holidaymakers, to mix up with the natural vegetation, animals, reptiles and birds. The park is open to public all the days throughout Mid November to Mid June and during rainy season it continues closed. Accommodation facilities are available for the holidaymakers in the forest guest houses. This glorious park renders smattering of chances to nature lovers and actual tourists to make merry of the wild life, lusting sceneries and enthralling landscapes.

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