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Raigad Travel Guide

The former capital of Chathrapati Sivaji, the culture holiday attraction of Raigad is renowned for its rich heritage, ancient monuments and rocky terrain. Literal meaning of the word Raigad stands for “the king’s fort”. Raigad, a remote venue located at an elevation of 2851 feet above the sea level, is empowered with a mountainous terrain. Snuggled in the Sahyadri mountain range this endearing place provides breathtaking views of natural magnificence. Raigad is discerned from the nearby mountains by endearing and profound canyons. This deep defiles with 1.5 kilometers breadth houses exuberant and burnished vegetation. River Gandhar and River Kal flow through this beautiful valley affording it a majestic look. An abundant valley with rivers flowing under builds the surroundings beautiful and tranquil.

Lingana Mountain in Raigad is another darling hot spot of holidaymakers. Situated at a height of 4,514 ft, it is one among the concerning trekking destination in Raigad. Alongside a hub of adventurous tourism, this mountain range accommodates the panoramic view of the Borhatyachi Naal which is a valley resting between the Lingana and Raylingi mountains. An ancient fort constructed by Shivaji is placed here. It is constructed in order to mark Shivaji’s victory over Chandrarao. This majestic fort was a key design under the Maratha regime. Although in a destroyed state, this fort tempts the spectators with its rich heritage. Raigad is also famous for its altered and rich cultural heritage, folk arts like Keertan, Koli Dance, Bhajan and Bharud which are very popular among the people.

Decorated with a hilly tract and natural leafage, Raigad’s amazing beauty gained her a outstanding place in the tourism sector. Raigad’s calm, quiet topography is surely a solace to those who are to this culture holiday destination from a busy city life.

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