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Pune Travel Guide

A calm culture holiday destination, at the intersection of two gallant rivers, Mula and Mutha, Pune in Maharashtra bears a fabled past and an ample culture. This city is esteemed the cultural capital of the state and it extends a contented abatement from the boring life of Mumbai. This delighting city with so many exotic locales helps as an ideal getaway tourist destination to squander.

Pune features of flamboyant past with a rich history of so many famous dynasties. These empires tried to keep their bequest in the city in the form of magnificent temples and mythological monuments, the souvenirs of which still tempts the holidaymakers with its arresting elegance. Among the several attractions of the 8th century Pataleshwar rock-cut temple, war monument in the fond anamnesis of the great Maratha heros and the Nandi Mandap demands a special delivering.

Literally Pune stands for Punyanagari or City of Virtue. During the early years of 17th century, the destination has presented an all round development when Shivaji chose this city as his headquarters. From that date onwards, this city admits its traditions and moral etiquettes without a break.

Now the city is renowned for its excellent educational institutions and this culture holiday destination is often compared with the oxford city of London. Unlike the other cities, Pune favours to be addressed as a centre of excellence in the area of education, arts and crafts. The institutions like the Armed Forces Medical College, Film and Television Institute of India, Symbiosis Educational Society and National Defense Academy have got international acclaim in their several fields.

A apprizing about Pune would be uncomplete if there is no furnishing about Osho Commune International. A man of mysteries, Osho’s teachings and speculation proficiencies had wonderful influence on his disciples. Pune has a flourishing market. Major magnates in the industrial and software area have already launched their outlets in Pune. Pune personifies a conflux of the old and the novel, of the conventional and the contemporary, appealing old wadas and swanky malls. Enveloped by lush greenery and a healthy climate, Pune is certain to give an enduring intuition in every visitor’s mind.

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