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Palani Hills Travel Guide

Palani Hills is one of the oldest mountain ranges that can be found in India. This mountain range goes back to the prehistoric Pre-Cambrian period and is made up of such rock types as gneisses, charnockites, and schists. Situated in the southern portion of India, the Palani Hills portion of the mountain range is called well since it is a tract that is more hilly than really mountainous.

It is found on the eastern portion of the Western Ghats. You will find that the green plant life is absolutely breathtaking and pure in this location.

This destination is abode to a form of nomadic Paliyan tribes. They lean to make their homes in caves that are in the area. They tend to survive on the edge of the population. Many of these tribes have initiated to live in modern ways, but others still keep to their traditional ways.

Holidaymakers find it crystallizing to meet up with members of these tribes. This culture holidays destination provides to the holidaymakers who are interested in seeing an ecologically friendly landscape. This Palani Hills are most liked by another group of people who love to make holidays to this region is ornithologists.

A wide sort of birds can be seen interlarded throughout the vegetation in the area. Such birds as night herons, golden-backed woodpeckers and herons are only a few of the birds that are usually seen in the area. Hikers, trekkers and campers also are drawn to the area. A truly exotic natural experience expects those that choose to visit Palani Hills.

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