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Nasik Travel Guide

Located on the banks of the consecrated Godavri River at an elevation of 565 meter above the sea level, the holiday destination of Nasik had always been the centre of spiritualism. A city of mythological temples, it assumed a high esteem from Vedic period onwards. A major pilgrim's journey center of the Hindus, Nasik is a city decorated with rich cultural heritage. A fabled city, which has got its name from the great epic, Ramayana, Nasik is conceived to be the place where Shoorppanakha, attempted to seduce Lord Ram.

From the prominent temples to the advanced wineries, Nasik awards a peculiar immingle of different realities that added the town with a slightly bewildered appearance. A city with all the features of modernity is acquiring captivated in its ancient heritage. It’s strictly a city in rustic environment. Though Nasik doesn't have the features of an established hill station, it is situated comfortably in a basin organized by the high Sahyadri Hills. These changed facets of Nasik make it an invoking culture holiday destination with something on extend for everyone from the pious ascetic to the gaudy wine buffs.

A sanctified city which embraces one of India’s 12 holy Jyotirlingas, the life in and around the city revolves round its religious face. The sanctum and quaint city Nasik is also celebrated for its beguiling Ghats and temples on the banks of the majestic Godavri River. An account about Nasik would be incomplete without mentioning one of the largest religious festivals of Hindus, Kumbh Mela. It is conceived that a holy dip in the pre-determined time would wash away all the sins of the lovers. The city with noteworthy structures of historical importance, Nasik also bears the esteem of being the birthplace of well-known Indians. The city is interlarded by temples, forts, wineries and industrial units; Nasik delivers a wonderful blend of old and new.

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