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Naldehra Travel Guide

Naldehra, a striking place placed 2044 meters above sea level near to Shimla, having the bequest of possessing the oldest golf course of India. Naldehra bears the prestige of harbouring numerous Golf competitions. Naldehra, literally stands for the abode of the King of Snakes, have it main attraction as a temple, Mahunag temple, with main divinity as Nag, the Serpent God. The temple is situated well inside the majestic Golf Course. The beauty of Naldehra is bestowed by the rambling of the enthralling River Sutlej.

This destination is celebrated for its natural beauty, many holidaymakers from world over make it a point to attain here and spend their holidays to have the captivating natural beauty and to relax in a sequester atmosphere. Naldehra extends the rare chance of such a paying off, which is never to have any other holidaymaker spots. Colossal deodars, capturing greenery, vast and astonishing mountains and deep gorges make Naldehra a unique place for culture holidays. Naldehra is an arrant place for horse riding experiences through its trails and also for nature walks.

Himachal Pradesh tourism’s hotel golf grade and the nature commingled Log Huts provide fantabulous fitting facilities in Naldehra. Naldehra doesn't have any season, it is a culture holiday destination all around the year for those loving to draw back in seclude and calm environment. Apart from golf course and Mahunag temple, holidaymakers are pulled towards Chabba, a spectacular greenish scenic nearby village, Shaily peak in Himalayan range and Mahakali Lake.

Naldehra is a place to be advocated for inclusion in the tour programs of the tourists who want to visit the nature's gift and panoramic beauty with mind reverberating visuals. This is a must see place in India.

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