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Nainital Travel Guide

Nainital, popularly known as the “Lake District of India”, situated in the Himalayan belt amongst the Kumaon hills, is a paradise for nature lovers. A brilliant culture holiday spot with a rich treasure of lakes and hills, Nainital is a tourist destination for the young and the old alike. Nainital is cited to as the lake of three sages, or the Tri Rishi Sarovar as referred in the Manas Khand chapter of the Skanda Purana. As showed in history, the three sages, Atri, Pulastya, and Pulaha stayed over at Nainital on their pilgrimage, to quench their thirst. Finding no water, they dug a hole and transported some water into it from the sanctified lake of Tibet, Mansarovar. Thus, the renowned lake of Nainital came into existence. Another fable has it that the left eye or Nain of Lord Shiva’s wife Sati fell in this center and moulded an emerald eye shaped lake and thus came out as the city of Nainital.

Recent history records disclose that Nainital was contributed into limelight by P. Barron, a British sugar merchant, in 1839. The sweetheart of Nainital with the central lake softened among the forests appealed this person to construct a house named Pilgrim’s Cottage and settle in Nainital. Barron gave way to the course of settling down in Nainital and shortly the place became an important administrative town. Nainital is famed for its landslide of 1880 which razed out the entire city of Nainital culture holidays.


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