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Nagpur Travel Guide

Nagpur, the centre of India differentiated with a milepost depicting Zero, is a vibrant town placed in the state of Maharashtra situated at its north eastern parts. Nagpur literally stands for the domicile of serpent God Nag and is also known as Orange City with its celebrated variety of oranges. Nagpur is the trade centre for the high quality delightful oranges developed in the city and its outskirts. The present day city was established by Bhakt Buland, a former prince of the region in 18th century.

Nagpur boasts its rich inheritance. It is celebrated as a cultural, commercial, political and industrial centre in the Maratha region. Coronated with the fervent history of past, the present Nagpur is one of the power centres of Indian and Maratha politics. With the headquarters of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at Reshimbagh, Nagpur is centre of the political activities in India.

Nagpur is a renowned education centre too. Many famous universities and the elite group of scholar communities add the credits to the educational activities in Nagpur. Present Nagpur flourishes with industrial developments. Agriculture is the conventional way of living in Nagpur. Major harvests include cotton, sugarcane, spices and jowar.

Nagpur embraces many important culture holidays attraction. Pench National Park, the gigantic Stupa at Deeksha Bhoomi and the temple of Sri Podeshwar Ram are some of the important attractions. Historically, Nagpur has been celebrated for its hospitality. Nagpur appeals thousands of holidaymakers to its lap with various lakes, colourful gardens, hungering green forests and sumptuous pardons for the favoured travellers.

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