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Murudeshwar Travel Guide

Murudeshwar, the spiritual heaven and a beautiful destination served the purpose of both the pilgrimage and culture holidays. The destination has recently shot into prominence as one of the most adorable spots in Karnataka. The tiny town of Murudeshwar, home to a huge Shiva temple, is also abode to a sizable Muslim and Christian population. This is truly a secular village; inhabitants of this small town live in harmony. The place is consecrated by a piece of the Pranalinga of Mahabaleshwara and has some beautiful sculptures and statues. Sprang by the glittering sea and drifting hills, the place is a preferred picnic spot.

One can get in Murudeshwar from the Bhatkal-Honnavar National Highway through a particularly raised big becharm decorated with complex carvings. Murudeshwar represents the past glory of Hinduism. It is concentrated on the magnificent Murudeshwar temple atop a hillock commanding the Arabian Sea. Bordered by the glistening sea and rambling hills, Murudeshwar is the sort of place which makes you speculate about life and what it means to you.

The sea is an intrinsic part of the temple place at Murudeshwar. The sea circumvents the temple looming on the small hill called Kanduka Giri on three sides. An immense 15 m statue of Shiva towers over the town and has an overmastering presence. The statue, which is only a couple of years old, is in a complex, which covers the 500-year-old Shiva temple.

One is recognized with the captivating beauty of the environs as one reaches the top of the mound. The vast extends of silvery sands with the Sahyadri mountains composed into the background, the coconut trees saltation to the tunes of the billows, rose of boats dancing and floating towards the shore, the sun looking like a ball of fire just before the sunset and then sinking into the sea - all weave a magic spell and make the viewers forget themselves. There is also a vast fort backside the temple considered to be refurbished by Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore.

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