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Mudumalai Travel Guide

Mudumalai is a town that is located in the southern portion of India on the northwest side of the Nilgiri Hills. Nilgiri stands for Blue Mountains, so it is potential to get a good theme of what the landscape resembles simply from the name of the location.

This destination is well acknowledged for providing visitors to see first hand some of the exotic animals that live in the area. In fact, most holidaymakers come to Mudumalai solely because they want to go through the telling and exotic creatures that live in India. Prelates live in this region.

The gray langur and the bonnet macaque are two of the notable primates that can be found in the Mudumalai area. It is potential to see tigers, leopards, dholes, golden jackals, striped hyenas, sloth bears and Asian elephants in this region as well.

Many concerning birds are also aboriginal to this area, making bird seeing a very concerning possibility. In fact, numerous bird watchers flock to Mudumalai every year plainly to view such fine bird specimens. The Malabar Trojan, the Malabar grey hornbill, the plumed hawk, the tufted serpent eagle and the rare striped tit-babbler can all be seen patronizing this region. Mudumalai really subsists largely because of the Mudumalai National Park that was demonstrated back in 1940. It is this national park that assists to protect all of the bewildering wildlife that lives there so that vast numbers of people can travel there to plainly experience personally witnessing the existence of astonishing wildlife.

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