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Mori Travel Guide

A sleepy village, astonishingly scenic beautiful village, encircled by greenish and yellowish paddy a field; Mori is situated on the banks of famous Tons River. Mori is a part of the Tons valley and offers an enchanting place to celebrate the culture holidays in its entirety. Local folks feature that they are the posterity of the Kauravas and Pandavas, the mythological royal warriors and kings in the epic age of Mahabharata.

A perfect holiday attraction for the solitude-seeking travelers for reclusive destinations; Mori is a perfect culture holiday retreat. The most marvellous pine forest in Asia is among the thickly inhabited forest in Mori. Main attractions include the antediluvian historic temple, with main deity as Duryodhna and the Lunagad Creek, a fantastic place with a narrow ravine and a cute pond with a small but enamouring waterfall.

Cultural variety of Mori, full of fabled temples, architectures and mythology, is bewitching. The cutie village extends one with unusual, unique and diverse opportunities. The populations of Mori are followers of Kauravas, conceived as the anti heroes in epic Mahabharata and Mori folks conceive them as gods. The denizens here have peculiar habits like smoke earthen pipes, coconut hookahs or bidis, women folks are fond of assuming ornaments made out of silver. An ancient temple of Karna with a rectMoriar wooden structure, situated nearby to Mori in Netwar is bewitching.

Mori is well renowned for adventurous water sports activities. Water rafting on the Tons River and trekking on the rolled hilly terrains are the chief activities one can take a chance for. Mori is an apt place for holiday camping, to regenerate and relax the body mind and whole life activities.

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