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Malampuzha Travel Guide

Malampuzha is located in the state of Kerala in the Palakkad district. It is situated on the foothills of the Western Ghats and has an enormous amount of dense, green foliage to enjoy. In fact, all over that you look, attractive green foliage is there. This foliage makes a calm and almost dreamlike experience for all that go there.

One of the largest draws to this peculiar city is an irrigation dam that was constructed in 1955. This irrigation dam allows this city to take advantage of its beautiful setting. It helps to irrigate the landscape to make it continue green at all times. This source also adds to the water activities that are possible in the area. Tourists are attracted to this area for its natural beauty and the relaxing atmosphere that lives there because of the impressive, green landscape.

A wide variety of entertainment opportunities live in Malampuzha, thus it has become one of the finest places to visit in India. No matter what activities you are looking to participate in, Malampuzha can offer.

If you are attracted to breathtaking views, this gem of a city has enough such sights to offer thanks to the greenery as well as the Ghats themselves. If you want to go through some exotic animals, this holiday destination can provide you with that possibility. Water activities and unwinding gardens are also possible in the area. Malampuzha is brimful with both innate and man-made gardens and reservoirs for everyone to enjoy.

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