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Lucknow Travel Guide

Lucknow acclaims as an approaching metropolitan city and it demonstrates many of its brilliances worldwide with its storming charm all over. It was made the capital city of Uttar Pradesh when India got independence in 1947. It is also dealt by a dissimilar caption ‘The Nawab City’, which stands for a city full of great people. One factor to be apprehended is the mannerism otherwise known as the tehzib in Urdu language. The Aadab implying salutation has a unique style and comfort on its own. The instituted courtesans were specially cognized for their poems and dance. Although the dressing style forms have pretty changed in the recent century, Chicken is regarded the most fragile fabric decorating the cupboards with its neat hand made embellishment. Only few cities describe the charm of dupattas also called the covering shawl and Lucknow is one among them.

The three W's where Lucknow Nawabs have due respect are Women, Wisdom and Wine. An institution named ‘Kothas’ existed, where the Nawab’s sons were being sent to learn the culture, respect and sophistication for the opposite sex. No one can forget Muzzafar Ali's famous film “Umrao Jaan” which describes fully about this institution. Culture wise, Lucknow becomes to be the capital of Northern India – the place for celebrating the present culture holidays of India. People fly out kites not as a pastime but also using them as a medium to send love letters to the heartfelt ones. Each and every day here is different and unique and no one knows about the city in full and can never! Hence, we feel the place just as Lucknow, but for them is another world of culture holidays.

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