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Lakkidi Travel Guide

The city if Lakkidi is situated in the southern part of India in the state of Kerala. It is many times cited to as the Gateway of the Wayanad district. This city is applied as a jump off point in exploring the whole Wayanad region by infinite people every year.

The whole region is most notable for holding impressive mountain peaks, dense forests and beautiful streams and other water features.

This area gets a telling amount of rain every year. In fact, Lakkidi is the second highest amount of annual rainfall in the world. So much water works a boater paradise. With so many streams, lakes and waterfalls, no wonder water lovers flock here. With so much landscape that remains finally untouched, it is no surprise that birdwatchers are attracted to this area. It is common to see such bird variety as peacocks, cormorants, egrets, bulbuls, snipes, peafowl and babblers.

The natural landscape is also a draw for exotic animal lovers. The area is abode to such wild animals as tigers, Asian elephants, sambars, leopards, cheetahs, sloth bears, and spotted deer.

Traveling in the area is another favorite holidaymaker activity. So much untroubled country just begs to be explored and what better way to do so than by boosting and encampment all at the same time. Travelers find themselves boosting through some of the most breathtaking lands in the world. Waterways, mountain peaks, forests and even waterfalls are all promptly explored when on a trek. Temples can be explored along the way as well.

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