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Vimleshwar Shiva Temple

Situated on the serene surroundings, Vimaleswar Siva Temple is the abode of Lord Vimaleswar or Siva is leaning towards one side. This temple is considered as a unique piece of archaeological monument owing to its peculiar shape. The beautiful surroundings of the marvelous shrine made it a center of attraction of several devotees, tourists, researchers and historians all around the world.

An interesting attraction of this holy spot is the celebration of Mahasivarathri. On that sacred occasion, the teeming devotees change the temple premises to an area of trade and commerce.

So many mysteries stories and versions with regard to the construction of this temple is popular among the local folk. The popular belief is that it is the creation of lord Viswakarma and a portion of the main deity is hidden under the sanctum. Whatever be the truth behind the stories, this temple stands as a remnant of the glorious past and tradition

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