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Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary Travel

A sprawling expansion of around 600 square kilometers Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary appeases the visitor with its varied verity of magnificient flora and fauna. Guarded by the strong Bastion fort, this asylum of rare and exotic species in the animal kingdom boasts of a colourful vista of forest.

At an altitude of 500 to 1300 meter, this habitat of most endangered species like Cheeta, sambar, nilgai and leopard falls in the craggiest part of the Aravalli region. When the monsoon splashes its magical charm on the arid land, the sanctuary gleams with all around greenery.

Apart from the vibrant wild life, this sanctuary poses a natural haven of the colourful avifauna like gray pigeons, red spur owls, golden orioles, gray jungle fowls, bulbus, parakeets, peacocks and doves. Park’s wild life shelters animals like four horned antelope, hyena, sloth bear, jungle cat, chinkara, jackal, and the packs of wolves. Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary is the only one of its kind where wolf breeding has been successfully conducted.

The park offers nice jungle safaris through the crisscross roads of the sanctuary. Tourists have a wonderful option of a horse ride while enjoying the incredible vista of nature. Since Monsoon brings charismatic appeal to this otherwise barren field, it would be beneficial to have the trip during that season.

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