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Kumarakom Travel Guide

Ascertained in the popular state of Kerala, Kumarakom is an attractive, tropical location in the geographical map of India. This cluster of small beautiful islands is clustered around the noteworthy Vembanad Lake. The landscape builds this a perfect place to not only visit, but also to search in depth.

This small town was founded by the Indian Government as a part of a special preservation effort. Since conservation is the paramount goal around this area, the landscape continues impressive and pure. A copiousness of breathtaking views bound in this location. The land found in Kumarakom is particularly fertile, so telling paddy fields, mangrove forests and coconut groves can be discovered all around the small islands.

The lush greenery is an astonishing sight and is comforting to the soul. It is so attractive that this cluster of islands is particularly popular holiday destination for honeymooners. Thousands of migrant birds flock to this area every year. Numerous people make their culture holidays to Kumarakom with the strong hope to witness the sight of so many noteworthy birds all in one location.

This attractive city has horde of small fishing skiffs all around the town. With both salt water and fresh water beleaguering Kumarakom makes sense that there are numerous diversities of fish that are fit for consumption that can be found there. Fantabulous marine and seafood including tasty karimeen (also known as pearl spotted fish), shrimp and shrimps are available in the area. Knowing the backwater and Ayurvedic massage are two other grounds that countless holidaymakers flock to Kumarakom.


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