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Shringeri Mutt Travel

Shringeri, named after the Rishyasringa – a phenomenal saint character in the great epic Ramayana, is a sacred city on the banks of Tunga river. Indian mythology says that Rishyasringa was the chief priest at the great sacrifice of King Dashrath, the unequal incident mentioned in Ramayana.

Sringeri is well-known for Sri Sarada Samsthanam, founded by Adi Shankaracharya in the 7th century. There are some spots of attractions in Sringeri, including a 14th century Vidyashankara temple. The temple is renowned for its architectural brilliance that exemplifies the artistic evolution from Hoysala to Vijayanagar approach. Sringeri is a scenic spot formidably placed along the river.

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