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Adi Subhrahmanya Travel

Adi Subrahmanya in Kukke Subrahmanya, a very famous and important religious destination, is a shrine situated near the Subrahmanya temple. The temple with simple tiled roofs houses a group of prehistoric anthills worshipped as Vasuki and Adisesha.

The place is really scenic, placed in the midst of lush green forests and mountain streams. The prasad given to devotees is mrittika (earth) from the anthills, which is assumed to be a good cure for skin diseases.

It is believed that Brahma, the cosmic creator, prayed to Lord Subrahmanya to make this place as his abode and Brahma made this as his abode in accordance with his desire, but due to Yama’s curse, this place lost its importance and Subrahmanya temple gained significance. Usually devotee’s first visit this temple and offerings are made before the worship is performed in the Subrahmanya temple. This is a must see religious place for the visitors.

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