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Kudremukh Travel Guide

Kudremukh literally signifies “horse-face” and cites to an outstanding beautiful view of a side of the mountain that resembles a face of the horse. It is a small town in Chikmaglur district in Karnataka and located close to the mountain range with the same name - Kuduremukh.

Natural grasslands and dense shallow forests make the verdure in the sequence of rolling hills in the northern, eastern and central areas of the town. Kudremukh, a part of the gallant Western Ghats, is famous for bio-diversity conservation and is discovered as one of the twenty-five hot spots in the world. A place acknowledged for mining ores, the ore company located in Kudremukh carries through mining operations, refinements and conveyance of the suspension to the Mangalore port through huge pipelines. Currently Kundremukh is flourishing as a modern township, thanks to the production oriented and profit making Ore Company. This has imparted fresh life to this part of Western Ghats and has altered this separated zone in the remote hill region into a humming location. Famous for its scenic beauty rich in wildlife beleaguered by natural thick forests, spotting wildlife is gainsaying. One has to go deep into the forest and only daring enthusiast is received. The drive through these dense forest ranges is highly pleasurable and enamouring.

This is the origin of three very well recognized rivers - the Nethravathi, the Tunga and the Bhadra. An amazing Varaha statue of 6 feet inside an ancient cave and a temple of goddess Bhagavathi are appealing many holidaymakers here. Kudremukh an ideal place for trekking with trails passes through lush green woods mixed with refinements of three interlarded rivers, charming cascades, grassy slopes and exceptional rarely seen orchids. For those who love natural beauty, visit to Kudremukh will be reviewing and breathtaking.

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