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Kozhikode Travel Guide

If you are holidaying in India, then one of the tourist destinations that you must see and visit is emphatically the Kozhikode region. Particularly the natural parks and the trekking chances along with the various water falls and water dams render a nature experience that can not be experienced any where else. Kozhikode (Calicut) is a harbour of natural beaches, backwater plateau, rivers, lakes, trekking opportunities and coastlines.

Kozhikode is also known by the name of Calicut as from calico, which is a hand woven cloth that has its origin there. You can delight the place at where the world renowned explorer Vasco De Gama set foot on Indian soil on Kappad Beach for the first time. You can make holidays at the Beypore Village, which was a very substantial port at the time. There is also Lion's Park, which is a great theme park for the children and their families. In addition, you can make your trip at the Art Gallery where world class Indian artists have their works to display. The city of Kallai constitutes a past city that was the biggest timber trading center in Asia across history. Thus, KozhiKode is satiated with cultural opportunities, historically important places and Indian foods that you can taste. Especially the Sweet Street is a nice shopping mall where you can shop and eat sweets at the same time. If you want to take a stroll in the river with a boat then you can always go to Canolly Canal. Thus, Calicut is a tourist destination where you can experience history and natural attractions at the same time and it is a place to be seen if you want to say “I have been in India”.


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