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Kota Travel Guide

Kota is an enchanting tourist holiday destination on the banks of the Chambal river and is one of the most dynamical and beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan. Historiographers put the date of establishing Kota in the 12th century and Kota as a part of Malwa Plateau. The basic foundation of the Kota city was put on 1264 AD after the Rajput took over the place from a local tribal chief. With grandeur past and rich heritage and history, Kota rulers were acknowledged for their legendary deeds and wars struggled with Mughal emperors.

A monument for the Rajput culture and gallantry, Kota is famous for its splendid heritage. Kota’s coat of arms was extremely achieved for its marvelous design, which is displayed in museums in Kota. The coat design was a masterwork with winged Garuda as the base. Attractive temples with many fabled stories behind, historical forts and enforcing palaces with Rajput architectural styles are all housed in the landscape of Kota.

Modern Kota is an industrial town with all most modern and luxurious amnesties. The major attractions in Kota are the ancient temples. One of the great temples in the locality is Kansua temple sainting the Lord Shiva with a unique feature of four faces. One of the best museums in Rajasthan is situated in Kota and is a holiday destination most visited by tourists considering the ancient and historical artifacts of Rajasthan. Animated miniature paintings are wonderful attractions of this museum.

Kota is celebrated for textile weaving, impressive handicrafts, cosmetic items, oilseed and cotton milling, distilleries and dairy products. Famous Doria Saris are developed from the weaving mills of Kota and it is the only place one can get best of these saris. Metal handicrafts are specialty items of Kota’s skilled artists. Kota is also very popular for the Victorian style constructions adjusted from the British.

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