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Sun Temple Travel

A 13th century temple dedicated to Lord Surya, Sun Temple at Konark displays the glory of ancient Orian architecture at its zenith. Built in the year 1250 AD, in the reign of King Narasimhadeva-I, Konark temple depicts the varied materialization of Hindu architecture. Till recently, this temple serves as a navigation point to the sailors and the Europeans called this temple as 'Black Pagoda' owing to its black colour.

The carcasses of this temple were unearthed in late 19th century. The Konark temple is broadly recognized not only for its architectural stateliness but also for the obscurity and cornucopia of sculptural vocation. The edifice of the temple is in the shape of a chariot, which is driven by seven horses. The intricately carved wheels of the chariot make the viewers astounding. It is believed that the wheels represent the hours of the day and the shadow of these majestic wheels tells the exact time.

Belonging to the Kalinga School, the characteristic feature of this temple is the wavy towers build up by cupolas. A mammoth construction consisting of the main sanctum, dancing hall, audience hall and dining hall, Sun temple sits in lonely grandeur enclosed by itinerant sand. The entire structure is embroidered with complicated carvings such as images of warriors on horses, foliage, animals and other erotic sculptures.

A world heritage site, the temple’s massive size and convoluted stonework, implemented with masterly touch illustrating diverse themes arrest the attention of the spectator. Magnificent in idea, this temple is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring testimonials of India.

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