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ASI Museum Travel

Situated outside the Sun temple, the ASI museum showcases some delicate models of ancient Oriyan architecture. The museum has four arcades, which exhibits about 250 odd verities of various antiques recovered from the Sun temple. Besides, it has a rich reserve collection.

The first gallery houses the plunged monuments regained from the Sun temple complex. The renovated wall of temple, trendy stuffs like celestial nymphs, janitors, stones carved with rich flora and fauna, are some of the exhibited items in the second gallery. The colossal figures of fine craftsmanship like image of Surya Narayana, celestial goblins, and some erotic sculptures have been presented in the third gallery.

The newly constituted fourth gallery displays artifacts like part of a Surya image, man tied in the trunk of an elephant, roaring lion, erotic couples among various other things.

The Museum opens at 10 am and it works up to 5 pm. It is to be kept in mind that Friday is a holiday. A nominal entry fee is charged from the visitors.

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