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Aquatica Travel

An 8-acre water park has very recently come up near Kolkata on 22 July, 2000. Known as Aquatica, this theme park offers visitors a cool respite from the heat and grime of city life.

"With artificial waves buffeting you from all sides, tornadoes and dance floors, all ready to whip up a wet dream, Aquatica is the ultimate cool hangout," says Sushovan from Bhavanipur College.

The park easily accommodates 5,000 people. An artificial river meanders through the park. Visitors are allowed to swim and wade in it. The river water is recycled every hour, keeping it crystal clear and welcoming. Aquatica features great rides and adventures such as the Black Hole, where one enters a dark hole from a great height and emerges at the ground level. Tower No. 1 - a 100 feet structure of convoluted tubes - whisks your adrenaline as you slide past twists and turns at blinding speeds. Comic scenes will awaits one at Tornado - a smaller version of Tower No. 1 - with fewer turns and more inclines. One can also opt for the Slide, and enter the water from a great height after sliding down on special mats.

The water of Aquatica is just five feet deep which is enough for the Kolkatans to ward off their inhibitions. The artificially created waves are the best in India and are making quite a splash. One may also bask in the surf on the placid blue water or enjoying rafting and spinning in mountain rivers.

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