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Kolkata Travel Guide

Located on the banks of the endearing Hoogly River, the fairly city of Kolkata boast of a graceful culture, robust history and a versatile future. Once named as Calcutta, this city is the capital of West Bengal, the birthplace of Indian Communist movements. The city is conferred with so many honors like "Cultural Capital of India", "The city of Processions”, “City of Joy" and “City of India Renaissance”.

A city of fetes and festivals would be the correct synonym for this gorgeous city. Behind the jeweled doors of each house, incenses hazes and glittering flowers wallop with the greenery to annunciate a flavor of carousing. The air is aromatized with the soft smell of scarlet, camphor, ghee, the spiky odor of new-fangled clothes and pungent whiff from the kitchen. Thrilled chatter of voices fuses with the quality of rites definitely would render you a great sense of homely feeling.

To the extraneous world, Kolkata brings forth the consecrated remembrance of Mother Teresa whose altruistic and kind-hearted services through a new life to thousands. This city would be recalled forever as the birth place of some of the famous Indians like Rabindranatha Tagore and Sathyajith Ray.

Kolkata’s long affiliation with the British Raj has been highly honoured in terms of marvelous Victorian style mansions. These proud recommendations of an elegant past have been conserved as national heritage cites. The Victoria Memorials, The Indian Museum, St Pauls Cathedral, Belvedere Estate, Marble Palace, National Library of India, Jorasanko Thakur Bari, Writers' building, Shaheed Minar and Raj Bhavan the city is contributed with a plethora of spectacles that gives you an memorable holidaying.

Kolkata confronts a friendly posture to all that is new and that has benefited high numbers to this second populous city in India. Industrial icons like Bata India, ITC Limited, Coal India Limited and Birla Corporation choose the friendly ambience of the city to be their central office.

To some Kolkata is the destination of joy and others name it as the city of dreams. Whatever it may be, it is rest ascertained that this tremendous city would bewitch you with its narrow galleys, tram journeys and the old world charm. This vivacious city with lots of temples, zoo, museums and science centers still holds the black bile charisma of the innate surrounds and bylanes. So tie tour bags chart your holiday plan and explore the city that holds scintillating entertainments.

If the viewer in you are not fulfilled with the average charms and wants to attestant something unique, you can unquestionably choose Kolkata as your dream tourist destination. Perhaps Kolkata would be the exclusive place where you can have the lavishness of a tram ride. The mere glimpse of the Kolkata railway station and the colossal Howrah Bridge is capable quench the thirsty traveler. If a tram ride by avenue, extended with colonial constructions delights you, if the intermix of pastoral and offbeat thrills you, if you are fond of aesthetic performances, Kolkata would be a staring location where you are sure to come across with the hotchpotch of above.


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