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Kolhapur Travel Guide

Kolhapur is a significant ancient city dating back to 300 years in Maharashtra located on the banks of the Panchganga River. The name Kolhapur is noted all over India and abroad by the common names of most necessitated items like Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri cuisine and Kolhapuri gur. Legend tells that Kolhapur is called after the wish of a monster Kolhasur, killed by Goddess Mahalakshmi.

The historical Kolhapur city was a significant princely state of Bombay Presidency during the period of British rule. The Bhonsle dynasty who reigned during this period tended 19 gun salutes and then Kolhapur was identified as 19 gun state during that period. Present Kolhapur city is remarked with political, cultural, commercial and religious importance.

Kolhapur is celebrated as a focal point of Maratha Film Industry and has borne the credit as the place where the First Feature Film in India - Raja Harischandra was conceptualized. The region is far-famed for the localized version of wrestling known as ‘Kusti’ and also famed for art and education. Kolhapuri footwear, Kolhapuri jewels and Kolhapuri tobacco are world far-famed products transferred from Kolhapur. A personalized version of Jewellery known as Kolhapuri Saaj is an instance of Kolhapur jewel products.

Some other nearby attractions of Kolhapur are Pancglgad hill station, Irwin Agricultural Museum, Mahalaxmi temple known as Dakshin Kashi and Bahubali Jain temple. Shopping is a fantastic experience in Kolhapur. Apart from the specialized items, all types of textile products, artifacts and gift items are available plenty in big and small malls in Kolhapur.

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