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Japfu Peak Travel

Japfu peak standing at a height of 3048 m above sea level is the second highest peak in Nagaland. This peak is situated at 15 km distance towards south of Kohima and is the main attraction for many trekking parties and enthusiasts. The path towards the summit is well traversed by the trekkers upto the base, thereafter the routes are charted as per convenience and seasonal conditions. The view from the top of the peak (if you reach there) is breath taking.

The entire valley with its lush green reflection appears like a lake full of emeralds cradled in the snow clad Himalayas. The view of the adjoining city and village dwellers provide an ideal location for any artist to capture the scene on a canvass.

Another wonder hidden by the Japfu ranges is the giant rhododendron tree. This Guinness Record holder stands 130 ft tall and with an 11 ft girth. However, the tree demands a 5 hr trek around the Japfu for one look.

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