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Kohima Travel Guide

Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland consists smugly covered at the eastern frontiers of the mighty Himalayas. The people of the Naga Tribes rule this spellbinding state which is damned with captivating combination of natural beauty and ethnic simpleness. Kohima meets as a laid back destination with its easygoing pace of life. However, it is this amazing position of the people and the natural approvals showered upon them makes Kohima a culture holidays place to visit, stay and enjoy.

The holiday in Kohima was established in by the British as a look out post for the eastern region. This is the very position where the bloody World War-II battle consumed thousands of soldiers. The Commonwealth War Cemetery still recalls these brave hearts. The Nagas and Kukis dwell and coexist in the region. The tribes have been flourishing defending their unique culture and identity. These ferociously independent and self governing tribes are exceedingly warm and friendly. Their joyful nature, colorful costumes and mystic accessories makes it an astonishing experience to interact and become friends with them.

Verdant forests provide a recurrent green cover to the whole region and make way only to provide some space to their lesser fierce siblings of rhododendrons and multihued orchids. Add a pinch of shopping for handicrafts, ethnic shawls, vests and other ornamental and the wish-list of any tourist is complete. Kohima furnishes a wide choice of Museum, Zoo, Sanctuary, valleys, self ruling villages and much more to hypnotize and enamour the visitors. Indian nationals want to make culture holidays in Nagaland are needed to get an Inner Line Permit from Nagaland House in several states.

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